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The Master Crystal Devas are great beings who exist in the Devic Kingdom, and are in charge of the planetary systems of crystals, minerals and metals. They are also overseers of the Elemental Kindgom.  The elemental beings are commonly referred to as Gnomes (Earth), Sylphs (Air), Undines (Water) and Salamanders (Fire).  There are also the Crystal Generals, who are in charge of the crystal systems within regions of the continents. The devas within each of the smaller,  personal sized crystals we utilize in healings, are known as Sub-Devas. In this section, we explore each of the 77 Master Crystal Devas and their associated crystals, minerals or metals, and offer insight into what each of them represents, how they can help us, what they are made of, what animal energy is associated with them, and what essences compliment their energy. 

We will be featuring the Atlantean Liquid Crystal Healing System as the most advanced healing treatment of the Crystal and Reiki Healing types we offer. The information below gives you an idea of the beauty and power the crystals, so that you may begin to imagine and even open yourselves to their consciousnesses before beginning a healing session. More information regarding the healing options is to be given in the Services section of our site. 

"Each crystal has an associated Master Crystal Deva which could be thought of as a Spirit of the Crystal or an Angel of the Earth." 

Liquid Crystal Oracle - Return of the Atlantean Way for the Children of Light - Justin Moiken Asar, 2014 (source for this page)



1. Master Crystal Deva Amazonia

Affirmation: " I walk the path I am."

Keywords: The Middle Road, Balance, Truth, Calm, Achievements, Expression, Equality, Yin Yang Balance, Buddha, Maat (Egyptian Goddess), Krishna

Chemical Composition: Potassium Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem: Toucan

Essential Oil: Valerian


2. Master Crystal Deva Merbayel

Affirmation: " I laugh, it is the the voice of my true spirit on Earth."

Keywords: Laughter, Pets and Animals, Ears, Crown Chakra, Great Central Sun, New Paths, Courage

Chemical Composition: Fossilized Pine Resin

Animal Totem: Duck

Essential Oil:  Sweet Orange


3. Master Crystal Deva Amerayel-ra

Affirmation: " I walk the Eternal path of Truth, the Purple Flame Burns in my Heart."

Keywords: Humility, Battle of Mind and Spirit, Undisciplined Thought, Meditation, Transformation, Life Path, Bad Temper, Anger, Blood Sugar Levels, Headaches, Higher Self, St. Germaine (Usually as Merlin), Lady Portia, Archangel Zadkiel

Chemical Composition: Iron + Silicon Dioxide with traces of Manganese

Animal Totem: Goat

Essential Oil:  Lavender


4. Master Crystal Deva I-ra-el

Affirmation: " I am the Blue Flame of Peace."

Keywords: Peace, Detachment, Forgiveness, Surrender, Angels, Emotional Balance, Anger, Aggression, Worry

Chemical Composition: Calcium Sulfate

Animal Totem:  Boto Dolphin

Essential Oil:  Bergamot


5. Master Crystal Deva Ke-mo-tom

Affirmation: " My vision is perfect, it manifests my Life."

Keywords: Foresight, Planning, Intuition, Devic Communication, Personal Power in Expression, Choice, Listen to the Body, Extraterrestrial Messengers, Kundalini, Pan. 

Chemical Composition: Calcium (Fluoro Chloro-Hydroxyl) Phosphate

Animal Totem:  Cricket

Essential Oil:  Buchu


6. Master Crystal Deva Kali-m-el

Affirmation: " I am Mentally clear on Purpose"

Keywords: Astral Travel, Pyramids, Dreams, Flying Dreams, Pegasus, Spirit to Physical Connection, Makes Clear the Paths between Levels of Self, Channeling, Octahedron of Light. 

Chemical Composition: Hydrated Potassium, Calcium Silicate Hydroxide , Fluoride

Animal Totem:  Horse

Essential Oil:  Mugwort (Caution-Toxic)


7. Master Crystal Deva Aquamarel

Affirmation: " In Simplification, I manifest perfection."

Keywords: Simplification, Voice, Higher Self, Ocean, Courage, Speech, Expression, Throat Chakra, Thymus Gland Activation. 

Chemical Composition: Beryllium Aluminum Silicate (Trace Iron)

Animal Totem:  Sea Horse

Essential Oil:  Eucalyptus


8. Master Crystal Deva Aventural

Affirmation: " I am the Unlimited Potential of Creation"

Keywords: Unlimited Self, Emotional Body, Childhood Fears, The Adventure of Life, Timidity and Shyness, Heart Chakra, Healing Space, Soothing, Nurturing, Children, Healing of Children

Chemical Composition: Quartz (Silicon Dioxide) + small amounts of Mica (Potassium, Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide, Fluoride)

Animal Totem:  Albatross

Essential Oil:  Tangerine


9. Master Crystal Deva Azu-ra-el

Affirmation: " I am focussed, my voice has a voice of purpose."

Keywords: Focus, The Indigo Ray , 3rd Eye Chakra, Mental Level of Self, Psychic Development and Intuition, Limitations, Tan Tien, Creativity of Spirit, Trapped in the Sacral, God Khephera (Scarab)

Chemical Composition: Copper Carbonate Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Bee

Essential Oil:  Nutmeg

Black Coral

10. Master Crystal Deva Ke-ma-el

Affirmation: " In love I am free."

Keywords: Light in the Darkness, Empowerment, Confidence, Spirit, Ascended Master Contact, Fear, Freedom, Hope, Purification.

Chemical Composition: Calcium, Magneseum Carbonate

Animal Totem:  Dugong

Essential Oil:  Niaouli

Black Onyx

11. Master Crystal Deva Ony-chel

Affirmation: " I have all I Need, I create my world and I am Free."

Keywords: Grounded self Awareness, Stress, Perseverance, Patience, Self Support,  Male-Female Balance, exuality. Smoking, Addiction, Need for Grieving.

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Ram

Essential Oil:  Clove

Black Tourmaline

12. Master Crystal Deva Anu-ka-el

Affirmation: " I trust in my infinite light, Fear is an illusion, Love is real."

Keywords: Protection, Trust, Confidence, Personal Power, Inner Light, Security, Panic and Stress.

Chemical Composition: Sodium Iron Aluminum Boro-Silicate  Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Shark

Essential Oil:  Caraway


13. Master Crystal Deva Ba-ka-el

Affirmation: " I am Pure, spirit is my Guide."

Keywords: Purification, Revitalization, Renewal, Stabilization, Blood, Boring and Mundane Life, the First Initiation Towards Ascenscion (Physical Mastery), Heart and Circulatory System, Maat (Egyptian Goddess), Mayan Indian Contact Stone.

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide and Iron Oxide

Animal Totem:  Humming Bird

Essential Oil:  Cedarwood (Himalayan)

Blue Lace Agate

14. Master Crystal Deva Mer-ra-el

Affirmation: " I am the Voice of Calm Expression."

Keywords: Calm Expression, Peace, Truth, Responsibility in Speech, Language, Voice, Feminine Mental Mastery, Water and Air Elements, Fire Conditions of the Body, Opening to Channel, Archangel Mary, Vywamus [Higher Aspect of Ascended Master Sanat Kumara], The Phoenix, Egypt

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Fairy Penguin

Essential Oil:  Hyssop

Boji Stone

15.Master Crystal Deva Urantel

Affirmation: " The Earth is my Healer".

Keywords: Balance, Alighnment, Clearing, Healing, Grounding, Integration, Male/Female Balance, Regeneration, Nature, Animal Communication, Telepathy, God Geb [Egyptian God of the Earth], Goddess Nuit [Egyptian Sky Goddess, Mother of the Night, Sister of Geb], Serapis Bey

Chemical Composition: Iron Sulfide and Palladium

Animal Totem:  Pig

Essential Oil:  Vetiver

Botswana Agate

16. Master Crystal Deva Ramatel

Affirmation: " I choose to Breathe that I came to be, I create my Life, it is what I am".

Keywords: Breathe, Personal Power, Addiction, Breath, Manifestation, Solar Plexus Chakra, Smoking, Choice.

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide 

Animal Totem:  Zebra

Essential Oil:  Myrtle (African)


17. Master Crystal Deva Cara-tel

Affirmation: " Creativity is my path to Freedom, Joy and Unity."

Keywords: Creativity, The Orange Color Ray, Vitality, Fertility, Sacral Chakra, Sexual Function, Optimism, Personal Power, Co[creation, Tantric Processes, Isis and Osiris, Boredom, Laziness, Touch, The fox, The Stone of the Fertile Sun (Atlantean). 

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide 

Animal Totem:  Fox

Essential Oil:  Cardamom


18. Master Crystal Deva Celestel

Affirmation: " I Know, Trust and Serve the Divine Plan."

Keywords: Knowing, Trust, Universal Mind, Spirit, Patience, Divine Plan, Angels, Expression, Hearing, Let Go and Let God. 

Chemical Composition: Strontium Sulfate 

Animal Totem:  Blue Whale

Essential Oil:  Petitgrain


19. Master Crystal Deva Anrayel

Affirmation: " My Path is Clear, I am a spark of the infinite Flame."

Keywords: Individuality, Activation of True Life Pathways, Heart/Crown Chakra Communication, Soul Path, Service, New Children of Light, Autism, Violet Ray of Color, White Tiger, Ancient Lives in Russia, Spiritual Insomnia, Higher Senses Activation, Whale Song. 

Chemical Composition: Hydrated Sodium, Calcium, Barium, Strontium Silicate Hydroxide, Fluoride.

Animal Totem:  White Tiger

Essential Oil:  Lemon Verbena


20. Master Crystal Deva Chrysoel

Affirmation: " I am the Power of Silence."

Keywords: Silence, Goddess, Feminine Self, Feminine Power, Expression, Channeling, The Ocean, Orion Constellation (Especially Betelgeuse), Surrender, ruth, Compassion, Tolerance, Patience, The Divine Mother, Isis, Joan of Arc, Female Reproductive System, Pregnancy

Chemical Composition: Hydrated Copper Silicate 

Animal Totem:  Rabbit

Essential Oil:  Spearmint


21. Master Crystal Deva Lemurel

Affirmation: " I Fearlessly take action, I am Love, Wisdom and Power."

Keywords: Fearless Movement, Action Time, Communication between Heart, Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra, Spiritual Purpose, Understanding of Life Cycles, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Uncharted Waters of Life, Djwhal Khul, Master Lanto. 

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide, trace Nickel

Animal Totem:  Deer

Essential Oil:  Fennel


22. Master Crystal Deva Citrel-m-ra

Affirmation: " Self Love is my measure of Abundance, I Love, I Receive, I Give."

Keywords: Abundance, Deserving, Responsibility, Self Confidence, Personal Power, Creativity, Gold Ray, Knowing, Clearing, Sacral Chakra Congestion, Sirius, Hidden Schools of Egypt, Sananda

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Grasshopper

Essential Oil:  Lemon Balm

Clear Calcite

23. Master Crystal Deva Kel-el

Affirmation: " I Embrace Universal Mind."

Keywords: Universal Mind, The Mental Level, Structure, Masculine, Mental Change, Divinity, Integration of Past Lifetimes, Separation that must be United, Vision, Astral Travel, Horus (Egyptian God).

Chemical Composition: Calcium Carbonate

Animal Totem:  Hawk

Essential Oil:  Peppermint

Clear Quartz

24. Master Crystal Deva Cry-el-o-el

Affirmation: " I am the Fragrance of Jasmine Light". "The White Dove lives in my Heart."

Keywords: Light-Embodied, Amplification, Light Quotient, Clarity, Self Acceptance, Purification, Golgotha, Crystal Healing, Lady Nada, Lord Maitreya, Sai Baba, Goals, The Scarab, Life Path.

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Dove

Essential Oil:  Jasmine


25. Master Crystal Deva Ulu-ra-el

Affirmation: " My Fire Shines Brightly, I  Express Passionately."

Keywords: Passion, Sexuality, Male-Female Balance, Recovery of Personal Power, Creativity, Relationship, Reproductive System, Infertility and Impotence, Boredom in Relationship, Frigidity, Tantric Practice

Chemical Composition: Lead Chromate

Animal Totem:  Red Kangaroo

Essential Oil:  Calamus Root


26. Master Crystal Deva Adamael

Affirmation: " I am the Infinite Light of the Universe."

Keywords: Light Body, Spirit, Soul, Crown Chakra, Unite, Oneness, Light, The Head Area, Silence the Mind, Self Love, Joy, Ascension, Completion, Service

Chemical Composition: Pure Carbon

Animal Totem:  Humpback Whale

Essential Oil:  Neroli


27. Master Crystal Deva Matazel

Affirmation: " I am all Loving, my Heart is Pure."

Keywords: Healing Heart, Relationship, The Open Heart, Heart Chakra, Attachment, Healing Path, Oversensitivity, The Green Ray of Color, Resurrection, Migraine and Headaches, Past Life Times.

 Chemical Composition: Copper Silicate Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Otter

Essential Oil:  Fir Needle

Elestial Quartz

28. Master Crystal Deva Kel-el

Affirmation: " I own my Personal Power."

Keywords: Angelic Truth, Personal power, Angelic Communication, Life Purpose, Spirit, Immortal Self, Brain Balance, Crown Chakra, Archangel Michael

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Lynx

Essential Oil:  Angelica


29. Master Crystal Deva Vert-el

Affirmation: " In Truth, Love and Peace, I am healed."

Keywords: Healing, Spirit, Guidance, Unconditional Love, the Dolphin, the Rose, Need for an Inner Journey, Choice, Emotional Balance.

Chemical Composition: Beryllium, Aluminum Silicate, Chromium (trace)

Animal Totem:  Dolphin

Essential Oil:  Rose


30. Master Crystal Deva Flu-e-rel

Affirmation: " My Mind creates my world."

Keywords: Mental Mastery, Organization, Focus, Discipline, Clutter, Heart and Mind as One, Commitment. 

Chemical Composition: Calcium Fluoride

Animal Totem:  Swan

Essential Oil:  Rosemary


31. Master Crystal Deva Galandel

Affirmation: " I Manifest my Purpose with Love as my Guide."

Keywords: Manifestation of Purpose, Courage, Imagination, Masculine Energy, Creativity, Sexuality, Sacral and Base Chakras, The Red Ray, El Morya, Sanat Kumara and Allah Gobi, Relationship, Instinct, Druids. 

Chemical Composition: Iron, Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Kookaburra

Essential Oil:  Elemi


32. Master Crystal Deva Au-rumel

Affirmation: " I am the Solar Angel."

Keywords: The Solar Angel, Masculine Energy of Creation, Individual Gifts, Purification, Revitalization, Confidence, Ra (The Egyptian Sun God), the Sun, Potential, Nightmares, Healing, Stress.

Chemical Composition: Gold

Animal Totem:  Eagle

Essential Oil:  Frankincense

Green Calcite

33. Master Crystal Deva Kel-el-m

Affirmation: " I am Free in the Now."

Keywords: Letting Go, Detachment, Freedom, Control, New Territory, (to be approached without Fear), Mental Healing, The Green Ray of Color, Presence of Anger, Healing of the Bones.

Chemical Composition: Calcium Carbonate (trace Manganese and Iron).

Animal Totem:  Dragonfly

Essential Oil:  Grapefruit

Green Tourmaline

34. Master Crystal Deva El-ba-el-m

Affirmation: " I am Enlightened, my Spirit. Runs through all I do. "

Keywords: Enlightenment, High Light Frequency, Master Healer, Healing, Achievement, Needs to Open Heart Chakra, Father Figure, Service, Discovery of Life Purpose, Need to Listen to the Voice of Spirit. Contact Stone for the Delphic Oracle. 

Chemical Composition: Sodium, Lithium, Aluminum Boro-silicate Hydroxide. 

Animal Totem:  Snow Leopard

Essential Oil:  Bay (Laurel)


35. Master Crystal Deva Ha-mu-tel

Affirmation: " United, Body and Spirit, I am. "

Keywords: Spiritual Grounding, Earth Star [Chakra], Order, The Color Rays, Stress, St. Germaine, Balance, Color Healing.

Chemical Composition: Iron Oxide

Animal Totem:  Scarab/Dung Beetle

Essential Oil:  Thyme


36. Master Crystal Deva Hem-u-e-el

Affirmation: " I walk the path of Truth to Freedom."

Keywords: The Egoless State, Self-Respect, 

Self-Confidence, Truth About own Actions, The Shadow Self, The Herpes Virus, The Voice of a Loved One Who has Passed, Tru Reflection of Self, Work Is Life Attitude.

Chemical Composition: Hydrated Zinc ,Silicate Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Giant Panda

Essential Oil:  Ginger

Herkimer Diamond

37. Master Crystal Deva Anu-ra-el

Affirmation: " I am the infinite unity of light I am."

Keywords: Oneness, Attunement, Stress, Telepathy, Alignment, Linking, Unity, Being, Anubis, Illusion. 

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Ant

Essential Oil:  Cajeput


38. Master Crystal Deva Nu-ray-el

Affirmation: " Peacefully, I accept change."

Keywords: Spiritual beginning, Peace, Calm, Past Attachments, Sleep, Insomnia, Astral Travel, Past Life Message, New Frequency or Level Spiritually, Initiation, A Test Passed. 

Chemical Composition: Calcium, Boro-silicate Hydroxide. 

Animal Totem:  Salmon

Essential Oil:  Celery Seed

Imperial Topaz

39. Master Crystal Deva Topasel

Affirmation: " I confidently create my World."

Keywords: Confident Manifestation, Personal Power, Solar Plexus Chakra, Individuality, Emotional Healing and Clarity, Abundance, Trust Self. 

Chemical Composition: Aluminum, Silicate Fluoride Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Cheetah

Essential Oil:  Clove


40. Master Crystal Deva O-ra-ohm-el

Affirmation: " With Love I choose to see Reality."

Keywords: Vision, Clairvoyant, Psychic and Intuitive abilities, Activation, Dreams Realized, Third Eye Chakra, Foresight, Self Responsibility, Male-Female Expressive Balance, Life Path, Addiction, Illnesses Caused bu Overuse of Drugs, Liver. 

Chemical Composition: Magnesium, Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Owl

Essential Oil:  Lemon Grass


41. Master Crystal Deva Ja-da-ma-el

Affirmation: " I confidently walk the path of my dreams, in my shadow is infinite light. 

Keywords: Dream Work, Mayan Culture, Asia, Physical Love, Astral Travel, Act on Dreams, Ambition, Suppressed Emotion (to be expressed in dreams) Limitless Self, The Jade Mask. 

Chemical Composition: Calcium, Magnesium, Iron Silicate

Animal Totem:  Jaguar

Essential Oil:  Clary Sage


42. Master Crystal Deva Zel-dor-el

Affirmation: " In Peace, I walk the path of the Active Heart."

Keywords: Heart-Activation, Attachment to the Past, The Pink Color Ray, Mental/Emotional Balance, Surrender, Emotional Security, Depression, Aphrodite, The Archangel Mary, The Lady of Rose Light (An Ascended Atlantean High Priestess.)

Chemical Composition: Lithium, Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Parrot

Essential Oil:  Rosewood


43. Master Crystal Deva 


Affirmation: " My mind and Spirit are one"

Keywords: Alignment, Universal Mind, Spiritual Development, Healing, Higher Communication, Throat Chakra, Original Though, Starchild, Calm, rain Imbalance, Dyslexia, Autism, Anubis, Thoth, Lord Kuthumi

Chemical Composition: Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Crow

Essential Oil:  Lime


44. Master Crystal Deva Tsidoel

Affirmation: " As Heart and Mind Unite, I am, We are, All is."

Keywords: Free Will, Creation, Manifestation, Focus, Mental Scatter, Life Purpose, Akashic Records, Extraterrestrial Communication, Ascension, Fears, Truths, The Pleiadians, Acturians and Sirians, Thoth, Melchizedek, Kuthumi and St. Germain.

Chemical Composition: Calcium, Sodium, Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Coyote

Essential Oil:  Pine

Lapis Lazuli

45. Master Crystal Deva 


Affirmation: " I am Free in my World, I am the Path of Realization. "

Keywords: Realization, Voice, Song, Empowered Expression, Illusion, Lost in Life, Purpose, Wisdom, Mind and Spirit Unite, Under the Influence of Another, Lemuria, Isis, Cutting Ties, Breaking Down the Walls. 

Chemical Composition: Lazurite (Sodium, Calcium, Aluminum Silicate Sulfate), Pyrite (Iron Sulfide), Calcium (Calcium Carbonate)

Animal Totem:  Snake

Essential Oil:  Sandalwood (East Indian)


46. Master Crystal Deva Isisomel

Affirmation: " My Journey is my Gift to the World. "

Keywords: Service, Cooling, Calm, Mental/Emotional Balance, Healing, Fire Attitudes, Inner Child, Atlantean and Lemurian History, Isis, Quan Yin, Lady Nada, Poseidon, Neptune (astrology), Go with the Flow. 

Chemical Composition: Sodium, Calcium Silicate Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Beluga Whale

Essential Oil: Tuberose


47. Master Crystal Deva Lepidoel

Affirmation: " My thoughts and emotions are united and in harmony with purpose. "

Keywords: Conscious Feeling, Thought and Feeling Balance, The Reaching of Goals, Decision-Making through the Heart, Children of Light , Follow Your Heart, Stress, Ascended Master Hilarion.

Chemical Composition: Potassium, Lithium, Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide, Fluoride. 

Animal Totem:  Manta Ray

Essential Oil:  Violet Leaf


49. Master Crystal Deva Ida-rael

Affirmation: " I Embrace my Physicality, it is the Greatest Creation of the Eternal Spirit that I am."

Keywords: Earth-Embrace, Grounding, Masculine/Feminine Balance, The First Initiation of Ascension, Healing Pathway, The Manu (Lord of the First Ray), Base Chakra, The Earth Star Chakra.

Chemical Composition: Sodium, Calcium Silicate Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Worm

Essential Oil: Patchouli


48. Master Crystal Deva Malochel

Affirmation: " I am a blinding light, I am Healed , Clear and Free. 

Keywords: Clearing, Healing, Hidden Process, Solar Plexus Chakra, Healing Path, Purification, Trust in Self, Fear, Guilt, Frustration, Anxiety, Blocked Pathway of Growth, Asthma. 

Chemical Composition: Hydrated Copper Carbonate (8% Water)

Animal Totem:  Rhinoceros

Essential Oil: Lemon


50. Master Crystal Deva Elomra

Affirmation: " Physicality Holds a Greatness Only Those That Embrace Purpose Ever See."

Keywords: Starchild, Free Will, Indigo Child, New Children of Light, Dawn of a New Age, Activation Energy, Intergalactic Races Communication, Clarity, Growth, Renewal, Change, Telepathy, Between Worlds, The 11:11 Gateway, Shamballa, Ascended Master Kuthumi, Lord Melchizedek. 

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide, Aluminum Oxide, Beryllium 10 Isotope. 

Animal Totem:  Whale Shark

Essential Oil: Yarrow


51. Master Crystal Deva Lunlael

Affirmation: " Mother Goddess embraced, I am emotion realized.  "

Keywords: Mother Goddess, Divine Feminine, Emotions, The Moon, Lunar Energy, The Ocean, Cycles of Life, Crying, Emotional release, Surrender, Compassion, Sacred Stone of Isis, Pallas Athena, Aphrodite

Chemical Composition: Potassium Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Turtle

Essential Oil: May Chang


52. Master Crystal Deva Maryel

Affirmation: " I relate, I listen, I learn, I love."

Keywords: Equality in Love, Oneness, Relationship, Listening, Inequality, Self-Control, Group Work, Shared Perception, Harmony, Ascended Master Paul the Venetian

Chemical Composition: Beryllium Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Swallow

Essential Oil: Vanilla


53. Master Crystal Deva Taramael

Affirmation: " I walk the path of Unconditional Truth." 

Keywords: True Self Reflection, Dishonesty, The Temple of Shadows, Change, Vision of Self, Honesty, Nurture the Self, The Color Black, The Void, Earth Star Chakra, Transmutation, Immune System, Anubis, Mayan and/or American Indians.

Chemical Composition: Volcanic Silica, Glass

Animal Totem:  Jackal

Essential Oil: Benzoin


54. Master Crystal Deva Upalael

Affirmation: " In the light of emotional truth, I take action."

Keywords: Emotional Magnification, Truth, Responsibility for Feelings, Independence, Action through Feeling. 

Chemical Composition: Hydrous Silicon Dioxide (Colloidal Silica up to 21% water). 

Animal Totem:  Lyre Bird

Essential Oil: Wintergreen

Peach Calcite

55. Master Crystal Deva 


Affirmation: " Power and Love Unite, I Am at Harmony, my Sound is Infinite."

Keywords: Harmonize, Unconditional Love/Personal Power Balance, Old Emotional Patterns, Stress, Addiction, Unite the Parts, Angelic Messengers, Threefold Flame, Service, Bones, Lord Maitreya. 

Chemical Composition: Calcium Carbonate

Animal Totem:  Peacock

Essential Oil: Geranium


56. Master Crystal Deva Mer-q-el

Affirmation: " I am the Purity of the Ocean, The Endless Sea of Stars and Breath of the Lotus."

Keywords: Purity, Innocence, Feminine, The Moon, Nature's Cycles, Emotions, Fertility, Divine beauty, Pathway to Isis Trinity, Hormone Balance, Approach to Motherhood, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Healing Children, Whales and Dolphins, Quan Yin, Sirius, The Wolf. 

Chemical Composition: Calcium Carbonate Conchiolin (Organic Substance). 

Animal Totem:  White Cockatoo

Essential Oil: Anise Seed


57. Master Crystal Deva Eriel

Affirmation: " I Embrace Personal Power and Love as One." "I Burn the Green Fire of Joy in my Heart."

Keywords: The Bringer of Joy, Personal Power, Love, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, Creativity, Healing, Peace, Depression, Anger, Jealousy, Skepticism, Volcano, Explosive Characteristics, Temper, The Essenes, Cleopatra, Avalon. 

Chemical Composition: Sodium, Calcium Silicate Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Honey Eater Bird

Essential Oil: Mandarin

Petrified Wood

58. Master Crystal Deva Lilandrel

Affirmation: " I Embrace the Now." 

Keywords: Past Life Embrace, Lessons Behind Illness, Stress, Worry, Choice to Excel, Stabilization, Grounding, Vitality, Spiritual and Business Success, American Indians, Shamanic Practice

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Cicada

Essential Oil: Coriander

Pink Tourmaline (Rubelite)

59. Master Crystal Deva Rubellel

Affirmation: " I Give Love, I am Love."

Keywords: Gift of Love, Unconditional Love, Heart, Past Attachments, Giving, Endocrine System Balance, Fertility. 

Chemical Composition: Sodium, Lithium, Aluminum, Boro-Silicate Hydroxide. 

Animal Totem:  Butterfly

Essential Oil: Rock Rose (Cistus)


60. Master Crystal Deva Py-ra-el

Affirmation: " I am the Divine I am."

Keywords: Spark of Life, Vitality, Energy Levels, Mental Ability, Focus, Easily Manipulated, Mental Discipline, Confidence, Solar Plexus, Sacred Geometry, Soul Star, Voice of One's Soul, Depression, Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks. 

Chemical Composition: Iron Disulfide

Animal Totem:  Monkey

Essential Oil: Basil

Red Jasper

61. Master Crystal Deva Yas-ba-el

Affirmation: " I Love Myself, Nurtured, I am of Service."

Keywords: Nurturing, Self-Love, Stabilizing, Sustaining, Grounding, Recovery, New Directions, Time, Family, Desire for Children, El Morya, Archangel Michael, Pan. 

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Animal Totem:  Buffalo

Essential Oil: Cedarwood


62. Master Crystal Deva 


Affirmation: " I Love Myself."

Keywords: Self-Love, Unconditional Love, Sexual Abuse, Crown, Heart and Sacral Chakras, Compassion, Self-Identification, Deep Pain and Hurt of the Heart, Family, Relationships, Avoidance of Denial, Digestive Systems, Archangel Mary, Lady of the Fountain, Lord Sananda. 

Chemical Composition: Magnesium Carbonate

Animal Totem:  Cat

Essential Oil: Ylang-Ylang


63. Master Crystal Deva A-mor-el

Affirmation: " Love is my Guide, it patiently lives in my actions."

Keywords: Patience, Physical love, Boredom, The Pink Ray [of Color], Ownership of Personal Power, Responsibility for Physicality, Ear Problems, Panic Attacks, Multiple Sclerosis, Stress.

Chemical Composition: Manganese, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium Silicate. 

Animal Totem:  Frog

Essential Oil: Marjoram (Sweet)

Rose Quartz

64. Master Crystal Deva 


Affirmation: " In Love's Infinite Fire's, I forgive and I am Whole."

Keywords: Forgiveness, Self-Love, Anger and Stress, Heart and Throat Chakra Communication, Issues with One's Father, Healing, Purification and Cleansing, Male Infertility, Divine other Energy

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide (Trace Manganese)

Animal Totem:  Dog

Essential Oil: Palmarosa


65. Master Crystal Deva 


Affirmation: " I feel my world, I am the Spiritual Warrior."

Keywords: The Spiritual Warrior, Self Trust, Passion, Strength, Courage, Ancient Information, Empowerment, Vitality, Life Path, Choice, Kundalini, Sexuality, Past Life Dream

Chemical Composition: Aluminum Oxide (Trace Chrome)

Animal Totem:  Tiger

Essential Oil: Cypress

Sapphire [Andara]

66. Master Crystal Deva Nun-el

Affirmation: " In Truth, I am Free."

Keywords: Spiritual Truth, Communication, Channeling, Blue, Peace and Calm, Ancient Healing Systems, Psychic Ability, Convert Knowledge to Wisdom, Intuition, Life Purpose. 

Chemical Composition: Aluminum Oxide

Animal Totem:  Elephant

Essential Oil: Chamomile [German]


67. Master Crystal Deva 


Affirmation: " I am the Eternal Voice of Spirit." 

Keywords: Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Mind, High Light Force, White light, Channeling, Messages, Soul Star, Pleiadian Light Work, Activation, Initiation, Lady Portia, Vywamus.  

Chemical Composition: Hydrated Calcium Sulfate

Animal Totem:  Puma

Essential Oil: Tea Tree


68. Master Crystal Deva Argen-tel-m

Affirmation: " I walk the path of the Moon, its cycle is my emotional freedom."

Keywords: The Lunar Path, The Moon, The Goddess Self, Cycles, Expression, Emotion, Fertility, Feminine, Voice, Pathway of Isis, Child, The Wolf, Goddess Hecate, Menopause. 

Chemical Composition: Pure Silver

Animal Totem:  Wolf

Essential Oil: Myrrh

Smoky Quartz

69. Master Crystal Deva Uran-om-el

Affirmation: " My Physical World is Filled with Light."

Keywords: Earth Light,  Self Acceptance, Physical Embrace as Divinity, rounding, Emotions, Tired of life, Disrespectful of Life, Life Change, Release, Healing, The Physical Journey, Osiris, Lord Sananda, Rainbow Serpent.

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide (Sodium Trace)

Animal Totem:  Crocodile/Alligator

Essential Oil: Black Pepper


70. Master Crystal Deva Se-omel

Affirmation: " I am the perfected Vision, the New Vision of Light."

Keywords: New Vision, zLinking the Minds, Indigo Colored Ray (Wisdom), Attachment, Knowing, Rational and Intellectual Thinking, Truth: Emotional to Rational Link, Addiction, Control Issues, Focus, Lymphatic System, Panic Attacks, Contact from the Ashtar Command. 

Chemical Composition: Sodium Aluminum Silicate Chloride

Animal Totem:  Lizard

Essential Oil: Parsely Seed


71. Master Crystal Deva Rama-hol-m-el

Affirmation: " I am a Spiritual Being on a Human Journey."

Keywords: Inner Child, Starchild, Creativity of Spirit, Playfulness, the Laughter/TearsBalance, Anchoring Spirit into the PhysicalWorld, Depression, Negativity, Loss of Purpose, Mental Imbalance, Stress, Contact from Past Spiritual Masters. 

Chemical Composition: Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, Iron, Manganese, Aluminum Silicate

Animal Totem:  Seal

Essential Oil: Everlasting


72. Master Crystal Deva Illuminel

Affirmation: " I am power, I am the force, I have the strength to let my mind run it's course."

Keywords: Physical Radiance, Strength, Power, Fire, Heat, Fire Elementals, Solar Plexus Energy, Self-Love, The Color Yellow, Anger and Rage. 

Chemical Composition: Sulphur

Animal Totem:  Lion

Essential Oil: Citronella


73. Master Crystal Deva Ra-ba-el

Affirmation: " I am Radiant Light, behold my Vitality."


Chemical Composition: ​Ra, Radiance, Light Quotient, The Sun, Vitality, Life Force, Chi, Optimum, The Setting of Goals, Self-Worth, Soul Star Chakra, Moods, Depression, Powerful Fears, The Mayan Culture, Egypt, Akhenaten, Serapis Bey, Constellation Leo. 

Animal Totem:  Scorpion

Essential Oil: Cinnamon


74. Master Crystal Deva Ryanzoel

Affirmation: " Empowered, wise and all Loving, I am the Solar Angel."

Keywords: Angelic Messenger, Personal Power, The Higher Senses, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Violet Flame, Past Life Gifts, Creativity, Soul Records, Gifts. 

Chemical Composition: Calcium, Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide

Animal Totem:  Praying Mantis

Essential Oil: Galbanum

Tiger's Eye

75. Master Crystal Deva Lin-fa-el

Affirmation: " Through Self-Confidence, I take Action.."

Keywords: Personal Power in Action, Drive, Confidence, Self Reliance, Courage, Kundalini, Travel, Sexuality, Asia, Lord Lanto. 

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide, Iron

Animal Totem:  Bull

Essential Oil: Star Anise


76. Master Crystal Deva Azurel

Affirmation: " I am United in the Oneness of earth's Spirit."

Keywords: Gaia, Spirit of the Earth, Atlantean Past Life, Ungrounded Spirit, Communication, Expression, Creativity, Male and Female Balance, Throat Chakra, Voice, Unite Heart and Voice, Rise of the Goddess, 2012, Shamablla, 11:11 Gateway, Pleiadian Star System, Dehydration, Need to Detoxify the Body, Pan, Hathor. 

Chemical Composition: Hydrated Copper Aluminum Phosphate (Iron)

Animal Totem:  Bear

Essential Oil: Sage


77. Master Crystal Deva Zargunel

Affirmation: " My embrace of Change Creates my World."

Keywords: Life Changes, Ancient World, Atlantean Lives, Forward Movement, Intuition, The Right Shoulder, Genetic Evolution, Attachment, Trapped in the Past, Computers, Toxic Liver, Sananda (Jesus), Lord Osiris, Lady Isis, Serapis Bey. 

Chemical Composition: Zirconium Silicate

Animal Totem:  Spider

Essential Oil: Juniper

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