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Ancient Atlantean Crystal Healing 

Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar

Return of the Atlantean Way for the Children of Light

Popular Crystal Healing Layouts

(with main healing crystal noted)

Addiction Breaking Trinity (Healing) - Iolite

Addiction Trinity (To break addiction.) - Sodalite

Alcoholism Trinity (Potent Detox, Healing & Life Changes - Charoite

Allow A Stubborn Heart to Freely Give Love Trinity - Dioptase

Ancient Atlantean Five Crystal Healing - Larimar

Astral Past Life Trinity (Adventure, Discovery & Healing) - Howlite

Attachment Realization & Release - Citrine

Breathing Trinity - Botswana Agate

Buddha Trinity (To potently align with his energy for healing & communication.) - Amber

Cause of Illness Trinity - Azurite

Chakra System Alignment, Balance & Healing Trinity (Total healing, quick fix.) - Kyanite

Children's Anger Trinity (Soothes, heals increases understanding & expression.) - Kyanite

Clear Vision for Healing Action Trinity (Clear the pathway of vision & allow control of Freewill.) - Malachite

Crystal Healing Enhancement Trinity - Clear Quartz

Depression Healing Trinity - Turquoise

Depression Realization Trinity - Apatite

Earth Breath Layout (Clears, balances & heals the Earth's Energies.) - Carnelian

Father Issues Healing Trinity - Green Tourmaline

Feeling Healing Trinity (Emotional detox, embrace & healing.) - Lepidolite

Female Hormone Balance Trinity - Chrysocolla

General Healing Trinity - Zircon

Gentlest Healing Ever Trinity - Red Jasper

Healing Hidden Fears Trinity - Black Coral

Healing Power of the Goddess Trinity (Emotional healing in the Goddess space.) - Opal

Heart Chakra Trinity (Most holistic healing of the Heart Chakra available.) - Pink Tourmaline

Inner Child Mastery Trinity - Sugilite

Letting Go of Attachments Trinity - Pink Tourmaline

Lymphatic System Balancing Trinity  -  Sodalite

Male and Female Balance Trinity (Balances on all levels with Self Love as the tool.) - Rhodochrosite

Mayan Healing & Purification Trinity - Imperial Topaz

Ocean Clearing (Calls the ocean to your aid; a potent healing exercise of cleansing.) - Aquamarine

Personalized Menopause and/or Hormone Balance Trinity - Pearl

Pleiadian Healing & Communication Trinity - Turquoise

Purification of the Blood Trinity - Garnet

Releasing the Ties Trinity - Lapis Lazuli

Restart Trinity (Creates a re-entry to life or any aspect of it, cleansing the past, preparing for change and creating new vision.) - Sodalite

St. Germain Communication Trinity (1) (To potently align with his energy for healing & communication.) - Amethyst

St. Germain Communication Trinity (2) - Tanzanite

Sexual Discipline Trinity - Tiger's Eye

Sleep Deep and Peaceful Trinity - Howlite

Smoking [Cessation] Trinity (To give up smoking, recover the breath & lung health.) - Botswana Agate

Soul Mates and Twin Souls Trinity (Calls and draws them to you where needed or possibly for mutual benefit.) - Larimar

Space of Emptiness Trinity (To place one in the Middle Road, the space between, for healing and spiritual growth. ) - Amazonite

Space of Equality Trinity (Delivers one into the space of equality and offers insights on staying there.) - Morganite

Speak the Heart Trinity (Emotional verbal expression helper.) - Rose Quartz

Spirit Into the Mind Trinity (Gently merges Spirit into the Mind for healing.) - Kunzite

Spiritual Growth and Stellar Activation Trinity (Increases one's Light Quotient and heals that which is not on one's path.) - Obsidian

Stress and Worry Trinity - Charoite

Stress Release Trinity - Black Tourmaline

Surrender to Fear Trinity (Places hidden fears into the hands of Spirit. ) - Selenite

The Heart Trinity (The most potent healing sequence of the Heart from Atlantis,) - Kunzite

The Rose Quartz Fountain of Forgiveness - Rose Quartz

True Self-Realization Trinity (Caution: this trinity is very aggressive in it's action.) - Opal

Understanding Current Life Circumstances Trinity - Tiger's Eye

Uniting the Green Flames Trinity (A powerful Atlantean sequence healing.) - Emerald

Uniting the Heart and Mind Trinity - Fluorite

Uniting the isis and Osiris Templates (Balances Male & Female sides & places one in the active Octahedron of Light.) - Smoky Quartz

Vitality Boost Trinity - Citrine

Why I Chose My Parents Trinity - Aventurine

Meet the Liquid Crystals

Intended use: for remote sessions and consultations, click on the card for larger image and downloadable file. (For personal use only.)

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